Softball Acrylic Light-Up Sign

Style: RHB (Right-Handed Batter)
Sale price$47.50


Celebrate your athlete, use as a personalized birthday gift, weddings, parties, and more!

We laser-cut and engrave acrylic signs for year-round use or special events like birthdays, holidays, family reunions, and more!  You can choose from an existing style or use your own design by sending us an image to engrave.

The price you see includes:

Customized, Engraved Acrylic Sign (apx 4mm thick)

  • LED light base
  • USB cable
  • Remote Control

LED Can be controlled with or without the included remote control.  The remote gives you access to 16 discrete colors, and 4 color-changing modes.  You can also dim or brighten the sign using the remote control.  The dimming feature makes it great for a fully customized, low energy night light.

We have hundreds of pre-designed styles and can engrave custom graphics as well.

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